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Blue Forests Solutions

Coastal and marine ecosystems, including mangrove forests, seagrass meadows, and saltwater marshes support livelihoods and wellbeing across the globe. These ‘blue forests’ provide many valuable services, including shoreline protection, essential fisheries habitat, and marine biodiversity. Blue forests also store and sequester atmospheric carbon to help mitigate climate change. The Blue Forests Project is the first global-scale assessment of the values associated with coastal carbon and ecosystem services. Pathways Climate Institute staff helped create the worlds first blue solutions portal to help synthesize reports on blue carbon policy intervention opportunities, identifying tools for project implementation, and developing lessons learned to support broader application and opportunities for scaling up.

City and County of San Francisco

Guidance for incorporating sea level rise into Capital Planning

This Guidance presents a framework for considering sea level rise
within the capital planning process for the City and County of San
Francisco (CCSF). The Guidance also outlines some key issues
related to sea level rise adaptation planning; however, specific
adaptation strategies and approaches are not provided. The
range of available potential adaptation strategies is ever
increasing, and selecting the appropriate adaptation measures
requires site and project specific information that will best
emerge at a departmental level, informed by this Guidance, and
coordinated through the CCSF capital planning processes. The
goals of adaptation planning are to protect human life, health and
property, do our best to ensure safety of development, maintain
public access, and protect wetlands and other natural and
cultural resources.