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Our Vision

Global communities that are sustainable, equitable, adaptable and resilient to climate extremes.

Our Mission

Helping communities create pathways to climate resilience. We integrate science, engineering, policy, and community engagement into actionable adaptation pathways that address today’s climate hazards and tomorrow’s uncertainties.   

Our Story

Pathways Climate Institute was founded in 2016 as a certified woman-owned small business. Our founder, Dr. Kris May, left her job at a large, global engineering company so she could focus her work entirely on climate adaptation and resilience. 

Our global climate is changing rapidly. Our future will be shaped increasing temperatures, more intense storm events, larger wildfires, and accelerating sea level rise. Maintaining viable and livable communities for the next generations requires achieving climate resilience, accepting the changes that will come, planning for more than one potential future, and increasing our capacity to adapt. 

Kris assembled an amazing team of engineers, planners, scientists, and innovators that match her passion for affecting real world change. We care about our future, our environment, our families, and our communities. We care about developing adaptation and resilience pathways that will leave the next generation the right build blocks and strategies to thrive. 

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