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Advisory Roles

Pathways Climate Institute staff are leaders and subject matter experts in climate adaptation, climate policy, flood risk management, and communicating these complex topics to broad audiences that range from the public, to decision makers, to government and international leaders. Our staff are often asked to service on technical advisory panels, scientific review panels, working groups, and steering committees.

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Climate Risk and Adaptation

As sea level rises and precipitation events become more extreme, communities must adapt to the changing climate hazards. Pathways Climate Institute conducts holistic climate vulnerability and risk assessments of both natural and built environments, and can recommend a suite of adaptation solutions that meet the needs of the community, the environment, and the economy.


Emerging Research

Pathways Climate Institute remains engaged in critical research to help local governments and our global communities mitigate and adapt to climate change. Our staff are lead authors of the Fourth and Fifth National Climate Assessment, key advisors in emerging areas of research and we partner with universities, research organizations, and leading scientists from around the globe.

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