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Climate Adaptation Assessment for Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority


Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Pathways, in collaboration with Ascent, prepared a transportation-specific Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) for the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) that identifies priority actions to future-proof the system, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce vehicle miles traveled.

For VTA, climate change is not a future problem. In September 2022, VTA faced an uninterrupted 10-day stretch of triple-digit heat. A few months later, between December 26, 2022, and January 17, 2023, California was hit by severe storms that caused widespread flooding and successive days of high winds and heavy rains. Some were lucky to work from home; others were stuck in long commutes as highways were flooded, roads and trails were closed, and public transportation was delayed due to power outages, mudslides, and fallen trees.

Pathways conducted a comprehensive climate adaptation assessment. The assessment evaluates vulnerabilities and risks of known and foreseeable climate hazards, including extreme heat, drought, and flooding, to critical VTA assets across Santa Clara County. Pathways will also developed specific adaptation strategies and actions to improve long-term resilience and help future proof VTA's systems and assets.

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