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Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning for Marin County’s Transportation System


Transportation Authority of Marin

The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) is the County Transportation Agency and is responsible for implementing the County wide Transportation Plan as well as various transportation programs and projects on and off the state highway system. To advance adaptation planning for sea level rise, TAM coordinates with partner agencies and stakeholders in Marin County and the region.

As a subconsultant to Arup, Pathways supported work to advance adaptation planning, identify potential solutions to the threats sea level rise poses to Marin communities, roadways, critical assets, and guide future implementation of infrastructure. This included conducting an exposure assessment of several key assets to sea level rise, emergent groundwater, and coastal flooding. Ranging from infrastructure and utilities to community assets, the analysis identified where vulnerable assets are located, the degree of exposure; leveraging that information to recommend specific areas for adaptation planning.

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