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Shoreline Protection Program


San Francisco International Airport

Pathways Climate Institute is part of the COWI-TERRA Joint Venture working with the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to protect the SFO’s assets and operations from flooding during a 1-percent-annual-chance coastal storm and future sea level rise. Pathways is providing subject matter expertise related to climate change and flood hazards, including sea level rise, rising groundwater levels, and future extreme precipitation. Dr. Kris May is also coordinating with other subject matter experts, SFO, and FEMA to ensure compliance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This three-year project will help protect SFO and allow for uninterrupted operations. As the seventh busiest airport in the United States, with nearly 58 million guests travelling through the airport each year, SFO is an important regional transportation hub for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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