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Hilary Papendick, MSc

Senior Coastal Resilience and Policy Specialist

MPA/MS, Public Administration / Forestry Sciences, University of Washington

BA, Public Policy / Science Technology Society, Scripps College

Hilary Papendick has expertise in leading climate resilience and climate mitigation programs at the local and state level, with a focus on integrating racial equity into the programs. Hilary focuses on supporting communities in taking actions to prepare for climate change impacts, including translating scientific material into a wide variety of formats, developing policies to address climate impacts, and leading large, multi-year planning efforts, such as sea level rise vulnerability assessments, climate action plans, and Local Hazard Mitigation Plans. Hilary partners with community-based organizations in frontline communities and has extensive experience convening stakeholders and presenting to a variety of audiences, from neighborhood groups to boards and commissions.

Hilary Papendick, MSc
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