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Mike (Michael) Mak, MSc PE

Director, Innovation, Flood Risk and Climate Adaptation

MSc, Bioresource Engineering, Rutgers University

BSc, Bioresource Engineering, Rutgers University

Mike is a water resources engineer with 15+ years of experience leading climate change vulnerability and risk assessments, extreme hazard analyses, coastal and riverine flood modeling, watershed and stormwater management, and ecological restoration. His expertise is applied to both built and natural environments, including large-scale multidisciplinary projects supported by green and gray adaptation solutions that reduce flood risks and provide ecological and social equity benefits.

Mike also has extensive experience analyzing large global-scale climate datasets and regional climate model simulations, and translating the best available climate science to inform climate resilience planning. Mike works at the intersection between academic and research organizations and end users who rely on the latest science to make informed decisions on future investments in infrastructure upgrades or flood protection structures. He communicates climate risks to decision makers, stakeholders, and public audiences through concise language and innovative visualizations, while acknowledging the uncertainties inherent in future climate projections.

Mike is a native New Yorker and often leads Pathways work on the east coast, such as our recent project with the Water Utilty Climate Alliance, New York Department of Environmentmal Protection, and the Philidephia Water Department. He is also supporting the collaboration between NOAA and the American Society of Civil Engineers to develop updating building codes that increase resilience in reponse to a warmer climate.

Outside of the office, Mike is in avid soccer player and enjoys snowboarding when the weather cooperates and provides enough snow for a good ski season.

Mike (Michael) Mak, MSc PE
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